Tips for buying necklaces

Talking about necklaces, it is important, when choosing what to wear, to evaluate the type of clothing, the neckline and the shape of the face. Surely a round face holds longer necklaces, while with a long face the short necklace enhances the features. There is no doubt that wearing multiple necklaces together is the trend of the moment. These must be thin, of different length and possibly all of the same gold color. Any way, if you have to buy a necklace jewel, surely the one with only one pendent diamond in the center, is a must. It goes well with every kind of look, it never goes off and never goes out of style. Another necklace that you can’t miss is the classic string of pearls. If you already own these items, then you can start evaluating colored stones. There are more elegant chokers for the evening, such as the diamond riviere, or a necklace with emeralds or sapphires. Otherwise, for every day, you can think of many pink gold and diamond chains to play on various lengths, possibly accompanied by semi-precious stones such as tourmalines.

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