Rings: how and where to wear them.

Rings are an increasingly fashionable accessory that can enhance your look. They also help to transmit precise messages from the wearer. For example, the ring called solitaire in the ring finger helps to communicate that the person wearing it is busy. Even the classic gold wedding ring worn on the ring finger of the left hand immediately communicates that the person is married. Heart-shaped rings are a clear symbol of love on the part of those who give them. Even the famous Eternity Rings or ring of diamonds are the symbol of eternal love. For sure everybody has to know her own hands. If the fingers are long and tapered, you can wear important and long rings, if instead they are shorter and chubby, it is better to wear thinner rings, capable of slimming them. Bon ton also recommends that you don’t use too big rings before 5pm and don’t put too many ring together on the same hand. For example, if you are wearing a CHEVALIER or little finger ring, it is good not to wear other rings on the same hand. Usually faith is worn on the left hand, perhaps together with the solitaire and or an eternity ring in the ring finger, while on the right you can dare with something different or particular on the middle finger or like two-finger rings, also called double fingers. These are usually worn with the smallest part in the ring finger and the largest in the middle, or the smallest part in the little finger and the largest in the ring finger. In recent years, however, it has become very fashionable to wear many rings on the same hand, even on the thumb. This can be done if the rings are thin and all of the same style, combined together. The second phalanx rings are also good with the others, just remember to combine them well! If you have to give a ring and you don’t know the size, visit the Ring size section and we will teach you how to discover it!

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